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Horseback riding on the beaches in the Corcovado area as part of a Costa Rica Vacation Package

Costa Rica Nature Escape is a family owned and operated Travel Agency and Tour Operator, in business for more than 20 years. Since 1993 we strive to provide the best advice and constantly renew our information about every venue and service we recommend.

All your vacation needs in Costa Rica, including lodging, tours, transportation, tour guides and everything else to make your stay in Costa Rica a vacation to remember and want to do again! This means the best available, to fit every budget, from a simple tour to a full one stop package.

Our vacation planners have studies and experience in providing Tourism services, specialized in Costa Rica, combined with a vast experience in meeting customers’ needs and having experienced all of our offerings for ourselves and most importantly, we listen to you! We are able to provide custom made, personalized recommendations, where to go, where not to go, what to see according to our own observations and the feedback from our customers. Packages which mean higher savings and traditional combinations. Outstanding customer satisfaction is #1 to us, and we have proven it again and again. Once you are here, we are located in the middle of San José, just crossing a street from the National Theater, and provide a 24 hour phone number to reach us for any question or arrangement. Our mission is looking for a long term relationship with our customers, this means we want you to have such a good time that you will want to come back and tell others about your experience.

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Spotting Scarlet Mcaws on Costa Rica Tours
Our prices are below the published prices of the services, since we get our commission from the service providers themselves, we can receive compensation for our services and at the same time save you some money! In addition to having access to all the best promotions direct from each provider, we negotiate special rates with them as well and we pass those savings along to you. We always strive to maximize the Price/Quality, we have actually talked customers out of purchasing an expensive travel option for an equal quality less expensive one. The company is locally owned and operated. Our costs are closely followed so we do not incur in any unnecessary spending, so our prices are not affected. Click for our Season Specials and Offers...


You deserve to be sure of how you will spend your hard earned money. Our great reputation comes from not only our customers, but from our providers and employees as well. Our core values are not negotiable.

Government Regulated License (ICT OT-340)
One of Costa Rica’s main commercial activities is Tourism, therefore the government is very interested in helping services achieve higher standards. (Our recommendation is always ask for the license!, The Tourism board has regulations which help quality, customer service and even pricing).

We have been in business since 1993, and our staff has more than 12 years experience in the inbound travel industry.

Quality control
We visit and grade the properties we recommend, we get feedback from our customers, guides and colleagues. We maintain close relationships with all the hotels, tour operators, etc. with constant feedback both ways.

Recomendations for Travelers

Governmental Costa Rica Tourism Board
Travel Top Level Registry Authenticated

Amigos de los Parques Nacionales

Neotropical Foundation
Habitat for Humanity - Costa Rica

Code of Conduct
Sustainable Tourism

Offer the best service, personalized, maximizing quality and variety based on the country's offerings and our vast knowledge and experience.

Give our customers the best; in agreement with their expectations and budget.

Always maintain our commitment with current and future generations, demanding sustainability and continuous improvement.

Be leaders and an example in the tourism industry, because of our success in the areas of quality in service, integrity, customer satisfaction, economic and our contributions to sustainability.

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