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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Is an eco-tourism paradise with a unique biological wealth; the nature and the friendly people will make your stay in Costa Rica become an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy its famous National Parks, mountains, volcanoes, adventure travel or simply relax on a tropical beach.

You can enjoy the country's majestic volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, tropical dry, wet, and rain forests, as well as exhilarating jungle landscapes and beaches, all without traveling long distances.

Costa Rica is known for its peace, democracy and tranquility. Ethnic origin dates back to the mixing of the native inhabitants, Spanish colonists and African-Caribbean immigrants. Costa Rica stands out for its great variety in natural beauty, friendly population and culture.

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Did you know? (Costa Rica Facts)

  • Costa Rica has no standing army since 1948.
  • Costa Ricans speak the most neutral Spanish.
  • Costa Ricans are well known for our democracy, peace, friendliness, longevity and even happiness.
  • Costa Rica is home to about 6% of the world's land biodiversity in only 0.03% of its surface. You are able to visit areas of great biodiversity, take advantage of our Specials and offers!
  • The above statement does not include sealife, which is cosidered to be very rich.
  • More than 26% of Costa Rica's land is protected by the government: National Parks, Reserves, Refuges, and more.
  • More than 49.5% if it's territorial waters is protected (more than 3 million hectares).
  • Political, economical and social stability have been characteristic of the Costa Rican culture for generations.
  • The country is well aware of the importance of proteccting Nature and has a strong commitment to Sustainability.
  • In 2007, the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica to become a carbon neutral country by 2021.
  • Within its 51,200 square kilometers there is a wider variety of bird species than in all of Europe or North America.
  • Primary education for both sexes is mandatory and free of cost since 1869.
  • The death sentence was abolished in 1882.
  • In 1983 a perpetual Neutrality was proclaimed.
  • Costa Rica's microclimates vary from the barren cold volcanic tundra to the exotic cloud forest, from the deep dense jungle of Talamanca to the tropical dry forests of Guanacaste (North Pacific).
  • Costa Rica's weather is not as drastic as in countries on other latitudes. There is a "dry" season (equivalent to summer/spring) during which temperatures pleasantly in the high sixties (20 degrees Celsius), which goes from December to May. The "wet" season is normally from June till November, during which mornings are usually sunny, and showers might be expected after noon. In areas near the coasts, temperatures may be as much as ten degrees higher.
  • The sea water temperature can stay in the low 80's degrees Fahrenheit (high 20's Celsius)
  • The main religion, as in the rest of Latin America, is Roman Catholic and the constitutional freedom of creed is always respected.
  • In 2007, the government started a plan to guide Costa Rica to be the first Carbon Nautral country in the world by 2021

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